Annual Conference

We are so excited to be back at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center on Saturday, March 2nd 2024!

Keynote Speaker: Colleen Wilkinson

Discover the profound impact of trauma-informed practices within Montessori classrooms as we learn from our keynote speaker, Colleen Wilkinson. Gain insights into the evolving understanding of childhood trauma and explore how it shapes a child’s development and learning process. Learn how to effectively integrate Montessori and trauma-informed principles to create safe and nurturing environments that support the healing and growth of students who have experienced adversity.

Through engaging anecdotes and real-life examples, Colleen will demonstrate the power of trauma-informed practices in fostering emotional well-being, resilience, and empowerment within classrooms. You’ll acquire valuable strategies to establish healthy relationships with students and employ mindful interventions that promote self-regulation and empathy. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to embrace the needs of every child and make a lasting impact on their lives. Join us on this journey toward creating trauma-informed Montessori environments that nurture healing, growth, and thriving.

Thank You to Our Keynote Sponsor:

Colleen Brings a Unique Perspective

12+ Years of experience in the Foster and Adoption Community

20+ Years in Education: Public School, Private School, Montessori & Waldorf Schools

15+  Years in the Montessori Community

8+ Years as an Administrator

10+ years as a Consultant providing Coaching and Professional Development

American Montessori Society  Credentialed 

Certified Texas Public School Teacher

A commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion

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