CMS Conference CANCELLED; Updated information about refunds

We hope this note finds all of you healthy and safe during these uncertain times. This communication is to notify you about conference refunds, speaker handouts and information about next year’s conference.

CMS is a volunteer group of Montessori educators. We are committed to serving our Montessori community, however, please understand that this process will take some time. You can get up to date information through our website at

Conference Refunds:

Due to the cancellation of the CMS conference, we are refunding your registration fee, less a small transaction fee. Refunds will occur over the next two months. Please understand this is a volunteer organization and we are going to work hard to support your refunds, but we will need time as we are all supporting our families and school communities at the same time. Thank you for your support and understanding during this unprecedented situation!

Speaker Handouts:

The individuals who were presenting at this year’s conference will be invited to speak at next year’s conference on March 20, 2021. CMS will not have any handouts available for the 2020 conference. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s conference to hear our Keynote Speaker Crystal Dahlmeier and all of our amazing breakout speakers.

Next year’s Conference:

CMS wants to thank the Northern Kentucky Convention Center for being an amazing partner during this challenging time. We will be back at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center next year on March 20, 2021. Please mark your calendars now!

Community is more important now than ever before. Find inspiration from other Montessorians. Take this time to connect with others and offer support. We are stronger together!