All Things Past and Present Are Connected

Learn more about this concept and how it relates to Cosmic Education at the Cincinnati Montessori Society Conference on March 5th. Registration for the conference closes on February 26th so do not delay register today! Check out this breakout session presented by Xavier University Staff.

Preserving History: Classroom Archives as a Cosmic Task with Julie Kugler-Ackley & Anne Ryckbost: All

Montessori’s beliefs in the power of cosmic education calls us to consider and provide opportunities to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all living things and to encourage the power of reflection. Within that construct, so too is the idea that all things, past and present are connected.  An archive is defined as a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. This can also be a verb: to archive something is to create such a collection, preserving such items, stories, or experiences.  Children within the second plane are passionate about the construct of cosmic education and seek ways to clarify their place in the present, but also preserve the importance of the past. This interactive presentation will establish how creating a classroom or school archive will illuminate the constructs and power of cosmic education in dynamic and significant ways. Participants will gain an understanding of what an archive is, what an archivist does, and explore classroom or school activities that result in the creation of an archive.