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The American Montessori Society Traveling Symposium is coming to your area on Saturday, December 3rd!

Join your local AMS community for a full day of workshops and spotlight presentations focused on current practice and on Maria Montessori’s timeless philosophy. Learn how to deepen your practice from Montessori professionals and connect with educators in your area.

You’ll gain:

  • Insight and resources from workshops of all course levels
  • A deeper understanding of Montessori philosophy
  • New connections with Montessori educators

Location: Pleasant Ridge Montessori Cincinnati Public Schools 5945 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213

Spotlight Presentations
Montessori is an Evolutionary Pedagogy: How are we Evolving?
Gina Lofquist, AMS Senior Director of Education&Strategic Initiatives

Historically, education has evolved and created social change or been impacted by it. As Montessori practitioners, we
know this statement to be true. We also know that our pedagogy is evolutionary and founded on the universal idea that
nothing remains static. Children change, adults change, and cultures change. Knowing this, how do we, as educators and
protectors of this pedagogy, balance the need to remain relevant and teaching in ways that are alert to the ever-changing
student’s needs and educational landscape, while honoring the traditions of our practice that has at its core, the
development of a new human?

Equity Under Examination: The Role of Reflection & Resistance in Adult Transformation
Maati Waf ord, AMS Directorof Equity & Engagement
Join this important conversation about how Maria Montessori’s mandate for “a systematic study of self” can serve as a
blueprint for equity and transforming Montessori education one adult at a time.

Montessori Practice: The Revolution Within
Susie and David Shelton-Dodge, AMS 2023 Living Legacy Recipients

Reflecting on our practice with children and their families, as administrators and as educators of adult learners, we recall
the events that have continually altered our thinking and acting in revolutionary ways. Children have shown us how to
meet their needs. Parents of many nationalities, races, and religions have helped us understand the potential of community
for their children and ourselves. And adult learners have brought so much creativity and energy to our lives. Join us as we
recall our ongoing revolution as we practice Montessori education.

Workshop Sessions available for every level and administrators.

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