FREE Online Montessori Conference

This upcoming FREE online conference, Childhood Potential: Montessori for Babies and Toddlers, will take place from November 7-13, 2022. Montessori experts from all around the globe are eager to share their knowledge of implementing Montessori practices with you!

We are amazed by the inspirational Montessorians featured at the conference, presenting on such a wide-range of topics. Here are just a few of the incredible information-packed sessions you can expect:

  • Choosing materials for infants 
  • Strategies to support your toddler’s concentration
  • Reframing the “terrible two’s”
  • Respectful parenting 
  • Toilet learning the Montessori way 
  • Helping toddlers handle conflict 
  • Observation
  • Setting up your home Montessori-style

…and so many more!

Don’t wait! Register now to secure your spot at this incredible conference and learn from Montessorians from all over the world! I hope to see you there!