Join the Cincinati Montessori Society Board

The Cincinnati Montessori Society is holding a meeting on Thursday, June 20th at 6:30 pm that is open for anyone to join and see what we are all about. If you are interested in joining us for this meeting send an email to for the specific location!

CMS Board Fact Sheet 2024

Cincinnati Montessori Society Board Fact Sheet

Board Meetings:
Board members meet every other month of the year except:

When we meet in an off month to prepare for the Annual Conference, Holiday and summer vacation months of December and July (there is usually a June meeting then one in September)

Meetings are traditionally held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays
Meetings run from 6:30-8
Meetings are held at area schools with the goal to choose a central location. Attendance is noted in the minutes and is required communication is via email and through our Google group.

Each term is three years and the board hopes you will decide to serve a second term.

Elections are on a slate ballot which means if you agree to “run” you will “win”. Therefore, carefully consider running with the knowledge that you will be elected and the board will consider you a member as soon as you say, “Sure, I’ll run!”

Committee meetings are separate from board meetings and might meet at someone’s home, a restaurant or a conference phone call. Often these are over email and totally depend on the needs at hand.

First year:
Your job load and committed hours depend on how and what you volunteer for, what committee you join and your personal time constraints. It is suggested the first year be spent more as an observer, watching the workings of the board and sign up lightly in preparation for a heavier volunteer load in your second and third years.

The members of CMS are volunteers and rely on each other to be organized and responsible. Above all, we are a great group of creative parents and teachers committed to helping our Montessori community. WELCOME!