Drawing Inspiration from Montessori During the Pandemic

Maria Montessori designed her philosophy during some of the most politically volatile times in history. Maria Montessori overcame adversity and supported children and educators through this difficult time. This beautifully written article by: Punum Bhatia “Drawing Inspiration from Montessori During the Pandemic” talks about Maria Montessori’s history and adaptations she made through her difficult journey in history. 

Every parent should be aware that even within a crisis, a Montessori child finds predictability, order and logic in learning, because he/she isn’t working within a rigid, prescribed curriculum. The Montessori method is designed for navigating upheaval and for keeping pace with an individual child’s development. 

“Seeing how successful Montessori is in building a child’s character, it is perhaps time for all educational systems to take note and ask some hard questions. Is the purpose of education to create good test takers and memorizers? Or are we in need of critical thinkers and entrepreneurs? We have seen with the children who have returned to school after two months at home that they are confident and propelled by the gift of a passion for learning. They respect each other and their environment and accept the limits of their freedom, for theirs is a community which they belong.” by: Pumum Bhatia

Bhatia puts into words what the Montessori community sees everyday, the child’s deep sense of purpose and importance of community as we all navigate this difficult time in history. Amazing resources can be found at Montessori.org for parents and educators.