Sowing the Seeds of Learning and Engagement: Montessori UBD- Units of Study

Presented by: Vanessa Rigaud & Chavonne Taylor

In the 21st century, knowledge is increasing exponentially, and neuroscience research is unlocking the keys to how we learn. Henceforth, the transmission of content and rote memorization can no longer be a priority of education. Understanding by Design provides a new way of exampling learning and engagement in Montessori Elementary Classrooms in the public sector. This interactive workshop will guide educators to explore the forces that motivate a shift to designing and teaching for understanding and transfer, the cornerstones of the Understanding by Design® Framework. Participants will have the opportunity to hear a CPS teacher’s perspective on how UBD influences learning and engagement among all the children in a Montessori 6-9 Elementary Classroom. They will participate in brainstorming a UBD collaboratively. A sample unit will be distributed to all participants as a resource.

You can attend this workshop and so many others on Saturday, March 4th. Learn more and register below.