Cooperative Care: Collaborating with Toddlers Towards Independence

Presented by: Jennifer Littrell- Hasseldenz

An interactive presentation encouraging Montessori toddler teachers to provide a warm, inviting and loving homelike environment that children actively participate in to keep the household running smoothly. Young children love to imitate the work of adults and in caring for their house, gain much confidence through real acts of work that maintain good order. Collaborating with toddlers in work including cooking, cleaning, gardening, and making meaningful contributions that add beauty to the environment that engage and inspire young Montessori students to appreciate their part in the community.

The combination of all of these toddler house activities helps the children become more orderly in their work, giving them a sense of satisfaction and competence. As children work on completing these multistep tasks, our young Montessorians move toward the ability to focus on more conceptual and introspective processes.

You can attend this workshop and so many others on Saturday, March 4th. Learn more and register below.