Building a Database of All Montessori Programs in Ohio


Montessori Educators from around the state of Ohio have come together off and on for the last few years to talk about the challenges they experience with policies from district leadership and state legislators. Across several meetings, over 45 Montessori Educators from Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland gathered to get a lay of the land, determine potential next steps, and build on existing energy surrounding Montessori in Ohio. Common themes identified include:

  • Teacher licensure grade bands impact Montessori age groupings – specifically at the 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade levels.
  • Preschool funding challenges.
  • Lack of understanding of Montessori Education by legislators and district leadership.

We want to bring folks together again to identify actionable advocacy steps to continue to make Montessori education an option in public and private settings in Ohio. To do so, we need to know how many Montessori programs we currently have in Ohio. We also want to build this database to invite as many Montessori educators as possible to get involved! The more Montessori educators we bring together, the more advocates we have to show the power of Montessori education.

If you are an administrator of a school or childcare program that offers Montessori education, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. If you have multiple locations, please complete one survey per location.

If you are a teacher or work in a Montessori school, please make sure your head of school completes this survey. The survey data will be added to a list of Ohio Montessori programs. Your program’s website and contact information will be published online. All other information gathered will be used for advocacy purposes only.

If you have any questions, please reach let us know.



Heather Gerker

Brenda Huth

Julie Kugler-Ackley

Mary Beth McCormack

Melanie Thiesse