Strengths Explorer/ Strength Finder In Your School Community

Presented by: Nancy Hawthorne

Research shows that focusing on individuals strengths is much more effective than focusing on weaknesses. Helping children and adults identify and spotlight their strengths shows deep respect for them as individuals with special talents to bring to their community.

With deep respect at the core of Montessori education, having a tool to articulate our best qualities allows us to better understand ourselves and others. At our school we use information about strengths to guide our students and staff to become better at their respective areas and to respect the ways that others work best. Focusing on strengths is a not only a highly effective tool for affirming that every person brings value, it can lead to finding more opportunities to tap into each others’ strengths for the good of the community.

At this session we will touch on the research on strengths, discuss two tools available from Gallup, share examples of how this information can help people and organizations, and share models for implementing this with children and adults in a school setting.

You can attend this workshop and so many others on Saturday, March 4th. Learn more and register below.