Connecting with the Cosmic Curriculum

Presented by: Anya Bartlett

The Cosmic Curriculum is the core and foundation of the Montessori Elementary classroom. Yet, many teachers don’t fully understand it’s depth and purpose, avoid the Great Lessons and overlook the Cosmic Connection. Parents are often confused or conflicted about the purpose and presentations, and Administrators avoid it altogether. In this workshop, we will discuss the purpose and true meaning of Cosmic Education, explore key principles of the Cosmic Curriculum, discuss the Cosmic connections that can be interwoven throughout the classroom, and discover ways to make the Great Stories joyous and meaningful for ALL of our students. In this workshop, participants will re-connect with the Cosmic Curriculum and uncover ways to bring Cosmic Education to life in their classrooms.

You can attend this workshop and so many others on Saturday, March 4th. Learn more and register below.