Movement as a Foundation of Wellness in Montessori

Presented by: Dr. Barbara Murphy

In Montessori, care-of-self activities in the practical life area support the development of many skills, but they also help highlight the value and importance of taking care of oneself.

The challenges faced by humanity in recent times have invited a pause for reflection.

It is time to prioritize the physical, mental and social-emotional health of children and adults alike. As we look back to move forward, Dr. Montessori’s emphasis on the importance of movement for child development and well-being seems more relevant than ever.

In this presentation, we will examine physical exercise as a form of self-care and a cornerstone for wellness. We will also see how the conscious building of physical literacy following Montessori principles constitutes the most authentic and appropriate implementation of the Montessori Movement and Physical Education Curriculum. Finally, we will explore how the further incorporation of wellness-related concepts and activities into the learning experience can better prepare children for life.

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